GARY CORBY  is the author of the Athenian Mystery series, starring Nicolaos, his girlfriend Diotima, and his irritating twelve year old brother Socrates.

Gary lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife, two daughters, two ducks, two budgerigars, and a brush turkey that is almost as irritating as Socrates.

You can catch him on this site, or email him at

Why "A dead man fell from the sky?"

Good question. They're the opening words of my first book.

When I created the first incarnation of this author site, a dialog box popped up demanding to know what it was called. I was such a new author that we didn't have a series name. In fact, we didn't even have a confirmed title for the book! (Months later it was christened The Pericles Commission).

So I was kind of stuck for a web site name. In a fit of inspiration I went with the opening line of the one and only book I'd written. I figured it would be a placeholder until something better came along.

It wasn't until two years later that Nico's adventures gelled into The Athenian Mysteries. I changed the web site name to match, and instantly all the regular readers of my blog wanted me to put it back. They thought the falling dead man was cool.

I reverted to the original, and was never again so foolish as to think this could be anything but "A dead man fell from the sky..."