Let loose the hunting dogs of Classical Greece

After I posted the Dog of Xanthippus, Mimzy asked what was the breed? I had no idea. After some research here is what I think is the answer. If there are any dog breed experts out there, could you please correct me if (when) I go wrong?

The Greeks kept two kinds of dog: sheep dogs (no surprise there) and hunting dogs. Here are the obverses from two ancient coins showing hunters:

Xenophon wrote a treatise about hunting with dogs. Yes, that's the same Xenophon who led the 10,000 out of Persia and the same Xenophon who was a student of Socrates. In fact he's probably the second most important source we have about Socrates, after Plato.

Xenophon deeply admired the Spartans. This made Athens an uncomfortable place for him, so he spent much of his life out of it, during which he wrote. Most of his work was about various manly pursuits, one being Cynegeticus, meaning On Hunting. He had this to say about breeds:
There are two breeds of sporting dogs: the Castorian and the fox-like. The former get their name from Castor, in memory of the delight he took in the business of the chase, for which he kept this breed by preference. The other breed is literally foxy, being the progeny originally of the dog and the fox, whose natures have in the course of ages blended.
Interesting they were using dog/fox crosses! I didn't think that was possible but Xenophon seems quite sure of himself. Then again, Xenophon is always sure of himself. A very quick internet check suggests it might be possible, but if anyone knowledgable is reading this, please tell us.

The descendants of the hunting dogs of Classical Greece are probably what today are called Greek Hounds.

I can't resist finishing with Xenophon's advice (from Chapter 7) on the correct names for your hunting dog.
They should have short names given them, which will be easy to call out. The following may serve as specimens:—Psyche, Pluck, Buckler, Spigot, Lance, Lurcher, Watch, Keeper, Brigade, Fencer, Butcher, Blazer, Prowess, Craftsman, Forester, Counsellor, Spoiler, Hurry, Fury, Growler, Riot, Bloomer, Strength, Blossom, Hebe, Hilary, Jolity, Gazer, Eyebright, Much, Force, Trooper, Bustle, Bubbler, Rockdove, Stubborn, Yelp, Killer, Pele-mele, Strongboy, Sky, Sunbeam, Bodkin, Wistful, Gnome, Tracks, Dash.
As you can see Xenophon had a firm opinion for almost any subject. You could almost say he was, errr, dogmatic.